To clean or not to clean?

This is one of the prettiest houses I have lived in. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I'm sure the construction workers too must have loved this place (and they would term it as Love at first site). But it is now time to say adios.

Lets call my house 1644. 1644 has been with me for 7 months now, providing me with food, shelter and clothes through the kitchen, ceiling and the closets respectively. A deep emotional bonding has set in our minds for each other. 1644 has behaved very very well except for a number of fused bulbs caused by cheap wiring. But overall, it has successfully captured my heart.

I have treated it like my own. I have made sure that everything was in order, that every surface was shining, every line was straight and every bulb was burning, time after time. On many of my idle days, have I spent romantic afternoons vacuuming the floors, rubbing the counters, dusting the mirrors for as you can see I have a cleaning problem. People ridicule my devotion to cleanliness and healthy cooking, and they will always but that doesn't bother me a bit. People are not as good as houses or jeans or iPods.

I have cared for 1644, I have loved it. All of my friends have appreciated it and it has given me all the space to dance around in my room or play the guitar in the kitchen or bellow away in the hall. And with only two days of wonderful quality time remaining, I have started to notice imperfections in the cleanliness of my apartment.

Now comes the big question - Is it logical to clean the apartment before I leave? The management will get it cleaned by a cleaner before a new tenant arrives. I have absolutely no obligation to leave with all the surfaces glittering. I have a tight schedule, but my heart and brain are in a struggle.

Heart: You have lived here, loved here. How can you let your last memories be imperfect! Have you stopped loving your very own 1644?
Brain: Dude! Don't get emotional! It's just a house... They'll clean in anyway
Heart: Stop being foolish and lazy. You cannot betray the house.
Brain: Betray a house? How drunk are you you stupid heart?
Heart: Shut up or I'll beat you up like I beat all the time!
Brain: Then I will get super excited and you will have to work more, you mule!

The heart and brain have, as you can see, many issues. But now what must be done! Should I spend 1-2 hrs cleaning and making the whole place spic n span or should I just leave the job for the cleaning lady and abandon all affection for my pretty pretty place.


  1. prashasti said...
    CLEAN IT !!!!!!
    Diptanshu said...
    Brain: Dude, stop wasting your time on this blog and finish your work.
    Heart: Dhak Dhak. Dhak Dhak
    Brain: Thou (h)art brainless.
    Heart: Dhak Dhak. Dhak Dhak.
    Brain: OK. Tell this Mani guy not to ruminate over a moo point. The cleaner will still clean the room anyway.
    Heart: Dhak Dha..What?? Is this Mani guy thinking about cleaning the room? Tell him that the room would rather Mani not removing his last essence in the room.
    Brain: Yes that's...wait a minute. Hey! You could have spoken all along?! And I have been conversing with this dumbass.
    pushkar said...
    clean it o/w they will keep your security deposit.
    Sayesha said...
    CLEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Prude said...
    I think you clean as much is possible. You'll feel satisfied when you'll be a clean slate ;-)
    Anonymous said...

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