So you're pained, troubled, frustrated or if you haven't followed instructions, plain simple bored. Maybe things are not going your way. Maybe all five of your girlfriends dumped you or you lost your favorite piece necklace. Maybe you found something perfect and lost it, or maybe you have no hope of finding good about life. Someone may have hurt your pretty feelings or said something rude as hell. There is hope for recovery, read on.

Let me describe three awesome methods that work like magic - but you have to believe. Do you believe?

The Bieber-Life Method
Think of the life options Justin Bieber has. You have the same options. Yes I'm equating you to Bieber (or Rebecca black depending on your gender.. Focus human, don't throw unnecessary arguments at me!) Bieber has divided the world into two very distinct sets. People who absolutely love him - mostly made of crazy impulsive hot teenage girls and maybe guys; People who absolutely hate him - for no apparent fault of his except that his music is extremely popular. People hate him to the extent that people label all 'disliker's on youtube videos of geniuses like Beethoven or Mozart to be Bieber fans. In any discussion of good music, Bieber is brought up as a contrasting example. We all have witnessed this. You think Bieber has no idea about it? Of course he does. Do you think this doesn't cause him sleepless nights and loss of apetite, the millions that hate and disgrace him and his music? I don't know and for the poor guy's sake, I hope not. But let's learn from this. There are a lot of things going wrong in your life. Whenever you think your life is bad, you should know that at one point it will be worse. But at each point, there are so many things going right. For example, the millions of crazy girls who'd give all their riches to take a peek at Bieber, or just touch him or maybe even be able to use the same toothbrush he discarded. There are good things in your life. I'm not taking the burden of counting them for you, go do it yourself. But in the end Bieber ha a choice to cry and pain over everything that's wrong in his life a.k.a. haters or focus only on the good things a.k.a. lovers. Bieber should know that haters and lovers will keep changing positions but if that starts bothering him day and night, how will he continue to make the "awesome" music he does.

The Old-ugly-fat Method
Say you're 30. Or 20 or 10, doesn't matter. And you're having a hard time right now. Loss of hope, love, money, health - whatever. Imagine in your head that you're 60. You're 60 years old, have fat falling out from everywhere and have ugly wrinkly skin. But you have everything else - a perfect family, a perfect home, good health, a lot of money, good friends and a lot of time on your hands. Basically you're living the life. Now you find a lamp like Aladdin's and rub it, and comes out a genie who gives you an option to skip all the struggles, and pain, and aches and heartbreaks, and losses and chores of life and makes you that 60 year old awesome person we just spoke about. Would you take the deal?
If you said Yes, I can't help you. If you said no, then look what you just did. You accepted that all struggle and suffering and pain. So own it, be amused by it and enjoy it because you signed up for it when you agreed to live on.

The Painful-gym-workout Method
Have you ever lifted a dumbbell? Do you know how hard it is to get a 16" bicep and a perfect six pack? Do you know much suffering I have been through to reach a stage where I can be proud of my physique? A lot but I enjoy that pain - we call it the sweet pain. Enjoy the suffering, hopelessness and pain. That is what will make you immune to it, that is what will make you stronger and better. Also, go and actually workout in a gym or maybe just go and run. It'll make you feel so much better. If you can't do that, take a shower. If you're sad because there's no running water at home, cry. Do anything worthwhile to feel better.

levitation photography

Photography credits: Vinayak Tripathi
Flying credits: Maniraj Singh 

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