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I might be a healthy young lad with a pulse of 45 and low body fat but my right eye is red and I do not know why. As I lay relaxing on my bed, which constitutes most of my day nowadays, I realized that everybody is full of imperfections but more importantly every body is full of imperfections.

Why am I then wasting my time optimizing profit and make rich men richer, when I can be a route to subsiding the pain of the poor. I suddenly realized I need to start a free clinic where I can treat people who can't afford it. And that's just a start. I suddenly envisioned that I could help support other free clinics and hospitals of the sort. Imagine medical care being like primary education - free! That would also assume I'm super-rich so that I can afford to spend like that or I am earning efficiently and putting most of it back into the cause. Oh my god! I'm talking social entrepreneurship. Yes, that's what I want to do. I don't care about being rich and famous if I have an abundance of three basic things in life - food, shelter and clothing. But I do

From the time I graduated until about thirty minutes ago, my plan was to earn a huge sum of money by the time I'm thirty and retire to live on interest. Perfect life. Practice music all this while become a musician of some sort. Suddenly, everything has changed and a medical degree has been added to the scheme of things. I still plan to pursue music but an MBBS is what is attracting me now. My friend warned me a while ago and asked me not think about an MBBS because it is just too much work. I was convinced by him then but I don't think I'll be at peace if I do not follow what this whimsical heart of mine says.

In high school I opted for non-medical because I was scared of biology. Since all my friends were preparing for IIT, so did I. Life has paved the path for me and with little effort I am where I am, though I never thought I deserved it. The thought that people take me for being much smarter and deserving than I actually am, seems very true. And I am sure my life will make way without me worrying or struggling a lot for what I think must be done!

Life might not go as we plan it, but it is still our responsibility to plan it!


  1. lotus dew said...
    atee uttam once again !!
    Aparna Bajaj said...
    me likes !

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