Recursion in real life

In this article I shall attempt to review this article. The idea of reviewing the current article is absurd but then also pay attention to the fact that the author is aware of this absurdity. A review is helpful because it helps us understand whether a piece of text deserves to be read or not, without even reading it. This article, on the other hand, destroys into bits and pieces the whole concept. In normal circumstances, a reader will first read the review and might/might not read the actual text, but because this article was founded on clever fundamentals, the writer forces you to put in the extra effort and read an unreviewed piece of text which is exemplary. The result is like a piracy-less world for the software developer, like a cent per cent efficiency thermal engine for the engineer and the likes. Another point to appreciate in the article is the kind of examples provided for clarity. The best part of the article, however, is its ending statement.

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