1. Simple living, High thinking

His style of living was very simple - old, torn clothes, overgrown beard, teeth rusting for months and a luxury-less life in the mountains, Gabbar was so dedicated towards his mission in life that he not a single moment for life's comforts. With thoughts like "Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya (he who is scared, buddy, consider him dead, already)" immediately shows the depth of his being and his profound nature.

2. Kind-hearted personality

Since Thakur had used only his hands to arrest him, he punished only Thakur's hands. If he wanted he could have easily beheaded Thakur or kicked him in the groin twice, but his kind-hearted and sympathetic nature stopped him from doing so.

3. Lover of arts

The fact that he relished songs like "Mehbooba O mehbooba" shows the hidden art-lover in Gabbar heart. Unlike other dacoits, his being was not insensitive and raw. He also understood the importance of dance and like a brilliant artist, recognized Basanti's singing and dancing talent within minutes of kidnapping her.

4. Fair judgement and disciplined leader

Only because Jai and Veeru were two and Gabbar had sent a team of three, was he forced by principle to admonish his employees. Had there been a third person in their team, Gabbar would have gladly accepted that the other team was better off and let them off without punishment.

5. Free from profanity

Gabbar was careful to never go beyond "Haramzade(Bastard)" or "Soor ke bacho(Son of a pig)" while motivating his juniors. Unlike todays generations which would use every profanity in the book to curse people's mothers, sisters and even to-be daughters; and hint at other incestuous relationships while venting out anger, Gabbar was in full-control of his profanity vocabulary.

6. Lover of comedy

He had an amazing sense of humor. Before killing Kalia and his friends, he made sure that they had a good strong laugh so that they bid farewell to this world laughing heartily. He was the modern world's laughing Buddha.

7. Respect for women

After kidnapping a sultry and attractive woman like Basanti, he only requested her to dance. But only god knows what he might have done had been a villain in today's day and age.

8. Hermit lifestyle

He had adopted the path of a hermit lifestyle as shown by ancient hindu rishis and Buddha. He used to get a meagre amount of grains and rice from the residents of Ramgarh and he was completely content with that food and had never expressed any desire for gold, silver, hyderabadi biryani or chicken malai tikka.

9. Children welfare activist

Apart from dacoity, he had also taken up the task of putting innocent young children to sleep. Countless mothers took his support to scare their children to sleep each night so that they could wake up fresh for school the next morning and get better education.

10. Determined Freedom fighter

Like every other great personality, Gabbar fought for his and his people's freedom. He had also been to jail for the same cause and was determined to do anything for it.

I strongly feel these are somethings everyone should know about Gabbar and try to incorporate in their lives. Most of these were found in a hindi article which was as hard as iron to read, so I translated to english and edited the article for human welfare. Hope reading this enriched your life today. Click here to say hi on facebook.

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