ABC of me

for the anda
- Age: Jaise ladkiyo se nahi puchhte unki wages,
Ladko se bhi na poocho, ai zaalim, unki ages...
- Animal: Only if I was 10 feet taller, I'd bloody resemble a giraffe. Ummm you could say I'm a short giraffe!
- Anger: Only when someone takes my hanger! Na na, Just kiddin'. You don't even need to do that.
- Alcohol: Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol etc etc! Dekha I know it alls!

for the banda
-Birthday: I don't believe in birthdays!
-Believe in yourself?: Naaa!! I'm just a myth!
-Been in love: I thought only humans 'fell' in love. Never knew beans suffered the same disorder.
-Best weather: Arre this damn weather. Ok, a poem for weather on this very note. (Not the currency wala note you greedy pig)

Whether oh weather,
Whether you weather,
My love for you O weather,
Like shoes of hard leather,
Shall never ever weather.

-Believe in miracles: Toone meri beliefs ka thheka le rakha hai be.

-Believe in God: Only.

-Believe in Santa: Nopes. I think banta's the better guy.

for samundra
- Colour: Bloody racist! Hum bharateey hain. No color caste creed sex etc matters.! Oops.. maybe sex does (Dirty mind)..

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla khaayein mere dushman! Woh to sasti hoti hai!

- Coffee: Bas ab caaffee ho gayi. Summer's here dudes!

- Chinese/Italian: None! What do you take me for? A Cannibal!

- Cake or pie: Dude! Comparing cake and pie is like .. like.. comparing pie and cake man! I mean there's no comparison. Don't ask ze foolish questions.

- Cooking: Do I look like a pressure cooker. Well, I've been wondering. If a cook cooks food, what does a pressure cooker cook? Pressure? Hey wait wait wait.. Do you mean there's a pressure cooker inside our stomachs!?

for danda
- Day or Night: As far as I think both exist. Where is the point of conflict ?

- Danced: Apahij

- Dance in the rain?: Oh my gawd! My delicate clothes shall get wet! Don't dare think on such preposterous lines.

- Drugs: Love em! But couldn't ever have um. It all started when I went to a drug store once and I found only medicines! In my mind I thought 'Weird' and then I said 'Weird'.

for imli
- Everyone has a: desire for mani.. Oops I mean money!

- Eyes: None. I'm deaf, dumb and blind. This is a braille keyboard. Hello braille keyboard.

for funda
- Full name: Konse full ka naam batau? Gulab? Chameli? Champa? Sab pata hai mujhe, sab aata hai.

- First crush: Kala Khatta! Juhu beach.

- First thoughts waking up: What is the purpose of this life? Who am I? What am I for? What is this 'I'? How did I come into existance? Is all this real? Why am I thinking all this? How shall I answer these questions? Is this the right question? Do I like asking questions?

for ganda
- Greatest Fear: Fear

- Greatest Strenght: Chapaaaaat padega to samajh ayega

for hottori honzo! (ref: Kill Bill)
- Hair Colour: Depends. Which hair.

- Hate: to Hate.

for india
- Interests: Loan dene ke interest charge karta hu. Only 2.5% pa. Click here to apply now.

- Insanity: Perfect insan. Madad karna, ache karam karna, daan dena, vidya lena, pooja karna, satya uchaarna. Aur kya karega insan.

- Impulsive: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for jhanda

- Job: Jobless.

for kaanda (pyaaz)

- Kids: 31.19 (All secret)

for ladaku vimaan
- Letter: Letter pe sher arz kiya hai...
Jinke dil mil jaate hain weh khat nahi likhte,
Jinke dil mil jaate hain weh khat nahi likhte,
Ab to e-mail ka zamana hai.

- Love:
To fall in love is in vain,
for he that falls into it fain,
shall roil away,
in dust and pain.

for manda (for example dhanda manda)
- Moron: Yeah. Abhi kam on hai. More on karo! Light bhi on karo. Fan bhi on karo. AC bhi on karo. Sab kuch on karo! Moron!

for nanda (mere dost naam)
- Naughty: In what sense? ;) Naughty!
- Number of Siblings: 998102832, 9919248134

for onda (bengali anda)
- One wish: To have no more wishes. Oops I mean nau more wishes!

for panda
- Place: Omnipresent.
- Princess: Dude! The word is princesses!
- Prince: Prince detergent tikia aur powder ka zabardast fan!
- Pizza: There are only 2 kinds of pizzas in the world. Cheese pizzas and the rest. Thank you.

for kyu?
- Questionnaires: Questionnaires?

- Reason to cry: Anything! But only khushi ke aasoon.
- Reason to smile: Anything! But only khushi ke aasoon.
- Reason to laugh: Anything! But only khushi ke aasoon.

- Shoe size: kyun? joote gift dega kya ? Nike Please! US 10
- Smoked?: Cant even touch yaar!
- Sing well?: Ubharta sitaara!
- Single: Jaan kya kare hai?
- Stuffed Animals?: exist only for people with stuffed brains

- TV: I dont watch them TV. Them TV watch me!
- Tatoo: for gadhe ke tattoos

Umbrella: Nopes. Umbrella karna paap hai.

Vanity: In vain.

Weakness: You're talking about weakness!!! I feel monthness!

X-factor: X-factor? Like X-PM or X-gf ? Kya? 3.424 ? Kya?

Y-factor: Abe yeh blog hai ya equation set?

Zodiac sign: Aquaaaaaa... *dead*

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