The Brief History of Time

The Big Bang transpired, the suns broke down, the earth cooled, algae and bacteria mated and humans happened. But the topic of discussion is much more intense and complex that the simple aforementioned lineage. After humans came to be they discovered that they were the possessors of two spherical great camera-like instruments fit right (and left) on their faces and their using these two very complex contraptions they could "see" what was supposed to be seen and what was not.

Keep the fact well with yourself that in the days that I talk of clothes were not much in fashion and humanity roamed in its birthday suit. What was supposed to be seen is not interesting enough to be discussed, hence has been abandoned, but seeing what was not supposed to be seen entailed major consequences. For example the amount of attachment attached to the utility of the contraption grew in exponential proportions, so much so, it came to be known as the person himself, or the "I". (Later as renamed Eye to avoid ambiguity).

Vision was a spectacular sensation only because it could show the homosapiens race what it was not supposed to see. But exercising the spectacular faculties, most people ended up either being extremely excited or developed a great sense of inferiority complex (depending on "what" they saw) and the eye became the bane of mankind for turned men either into rampant hooligans or dismayed outcasts (again depending on "what" they saw).

To remove the eye was an option but now the greedy man got attached to the portion which was not what was not supposed to be seen, in other words, the boring part would do. To remove the eye demanded an infinite deal of effort, time and pain and therefore what came into existence being borne out of the innovation of man was called The Brief.

The brief was what humanity needed - a mask for the mask-worthy, a cover for the lowers, a ban for the man - and the brief was what it got. In its earliest forms, it was known as "Brief of the Leaf" owing to the material it was made of. The brief since then has achieved infinite popularity owing to its novelty and application. But what is popular is desired. There have been various reports of masked phantom-like structures, who were nothing more than giants of greed and egotism, who raided innocent brief clad men (and women) and took away their brief to glory packing them in their rectangular cases later known as briefcases. Due to the non-existence of police and courts at the archaic time I talk of, the poor people who had spent the lives' earnings on acquiring briefs, could do nothing but mourn the loss of the briefs. This state came to be known as "bereafement".

The brief has been endorsed by millions of celebrities in each and every age. But the generation that now consumes alcohol in dinner party (with a few exceptions such as I), this generation of ours, has forgotten all the wonders of the brief. It is worn not as a symbol of integrity, rectitude, and honor but out of compulsion and disagreement. Radical species have always been present amongst us who will forsake the tightening of their pants to honor the existence of the Brief. The brief has been honored by all superhero-creators who to the concealed embarrassment of superheroes will insist on them wearing their briefs outside and show the age of today what significance the common Brief held amongst their ancestors. Thus it is our moral and cultural duty to regard the Brief and wear it openly and maintain our honor.


  1. Anonymous said...
    But as the censorship is never absent, but merely off guard, certain alterations must be conceded so as to placate it.. There was no help for it; down sat Mr.. Dey ain't see no mules like dem in Newbraska.. Let us, however, quote the conclusions drawn by our author.. I did not find those I came to clearer sighted than those I had left behind.. The view which she was at some pains to make understood was, that her friends had contrived this method of keeping her out of the way of a desperate lover whose addresses were not acceptable to them.. He would remind the jury that only a few weeks ago he stood there as the advocate of a powerful company, then represented by the present defendant.. Never did that prim mouth give way before a laugh.. We have shown that one of the psychic forces decisive in causing the father to form this conclusion, instead of being awakened by the gleam of light, was the wish to prolong the life of the child seen in the dream by one moment. Such ideas not represented in the dream itself are in this instance the antitheses selfish, unselfish, to be indebted, to work for nothing.. He was carried off with a three days' illness, but two months after they were married.. The direction taken by the condensations of the dream is prescribed on the one hand by the true foreconscious relations of the dream thoughts, an the other hand by the attraction of the visual reminiscences in the unconscious.. I remember his white hair and his calm smile, and how, not long before he died, he called me to him, and laying his hand upon my head, said to me: My child, the world is not this great sunny piazza, nor life the fairy stories which the women tell you here as you sit in their laps.. Here is a note for your father.. In this house he used, among other things, to slide down the banister astride which caused him to become sexually excited.. Fluker, who had seen him as he rode into town.. These dream thoughts are in themselves surely not incapable of consciousness; if they have not become conscious to us during the day, this may have various reasons.. Who can foresee the importance of a thorough knowledge of the structure and activities of the psychic apparatus when even our present state of knowledge produces a happy therapeutic influence in the curable forms of the psychoneuroses? What about the practical value of such study some one may ask, for psychic knowledge and for the discovering of the secret peculiarities of individual character? Have not the unconscious feelings revealed by the dream the value of real forces in the psychic life? Should we take lightly the ethical significance of the suppressed wishes which, as they now create dreams, may some day create other things? I do not feel justified in answering these questions.. The blonde matron turned to her husband. Yo' jes lay there in the sun an' git 's fat 's yo' please...
    Koi Pahailee said...
    how dee

    came here after a very long time
    just a song for the kaala kavaa........

    jhot bolya, kavaa katay
    kaalay kavay sey dariooo....
    main puranay chapaat ko bulaoon gi
    tum dekhtay rahioo
    Anonymous said...
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