With a stroke of mighty luck, while typing in the most-typed word on my computer, I erred. To err is human and to forgive divine and thinking of the same lines, I forgave myself as easily as I can gobble up a Tuna Sub! But the mystery is already broken, the secret has already leaked. I typed in instead of and like somebody discovered polythene as a laboratory mistake, I too discovered a nondescript writer whose splendid words met my heart with utter delight and I could not but disagree with this savory poem.

"Give money me, take friendship who so list,
For friends are gone come once adversity,
When money yet remaineth safe in chest,
That quickly can thee bring from misery.
Fair faces show friends when riches do abound;
Come time of proof, farewell, they must away;
Believe me well, they are not to be found
If God but send thee once a lowering day.
Gold never starts aside, but in distress,
Finds ways enough to ease thine heaviness."

Barnaby Googe (1540-1594)

And inspiration greeted me with a lovely surprise and yielded this small piece.

"When joys abound and in times green,
they drift along even paths unseen,
And make their way with subtle faces,
And come to inquire how I have been.
As shall arrive the moment of distress,
Then I'm in need of a severe redress,
And those who comfort only at comfort top,
Forsake me so, like a greedy mistress.
Then no gold no money no riches allay,
the pain I bear, of being left this way,
I ask then neither of them nor gold,
I ask of nothing, for all shall betray."

Kaala Kavva (1986 - God Knows)


  1. neha said...
    Every friend is not like that mere dost!!
    creepa said...
    Ah!Beautiful!! :)
    Loved zour rachna a lot..and inspiration was gud too :)!

    btw, 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,
    uff!! Itna bada kavva!!
    Mirage said...
    Hmm, a mistake u'd readily repeat i bliv! :)
    manika said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    manika said...
    thnaks for the correction... but i wud still like to go with i-phone... neways do i knw u??? actually the pic resembles every crow i've seen so can't really figure u out...
    Canary said...
    Hey... Long time... Where are you?? :)
    Sara said...
    hi! i type in instead of and a voice told me to fill up a survey wich was only 3 questions and to chose my prize... so i didnt complete it coz i try to find what is on google and the only thing i found is you saying it is a site with a poem !?!? wth?? please help!

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