Did you know Romeo was around seventeen and Juliet just a month shy of fourteen. We're all enticed by what we can't have. The grapes that seem sour are actually really sour sometimes and yet the heart soars at their very sight. Had their families been well-associated, most probably their parents would've talking about getting the pretty kids married. The thought of which would obviously disgust Romeo beyond his wildest dreams, getting trapped with just one sickening relationship to deal with his whole life.

Had they been free to "date", they would have devoured all preparations of lust and love, made the mistakes you're bound to make and gathered all the experiences. Then one fine day, Romeo would've made an insensitive comment about Juliet's new shoes or lustily eyed Juliet's well-endowed friend which would obviously have driven her to insanity, and after a few of these they'd soon break up and move on sooner. Romeo with the well-endowed friend and Juliet with one or more of her fifty male friends. Probably.

But alas, they were kids. Teenagers with raging hormones, stepping out of the crusted shell of childhood, ready to rebel, ready to face the world. And they couldn't possess each other. What can be a more effective catalyst for them to idolize what they had for each other, drive them crazy, have wrench their hearts and souls out for each other, and end their lives at the thought of losing the other. It's difficult to imagine the level of obsession and desire, mentally exaggerated or not, they experienced.

If Romeo had not succeeded in killing himself at the mere (false) news of Juliet's death, and had reflected upon his actions a few years later in a calm and serene environment (read: lying in his new girlfriend's lap), he'd have laughed and thought himself a crazy kid. But no, you've got to have what you've got to have.

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