Sadness that makes us happy

I was driving to the dreaded city of Gurgaon and it was pouring. Fat water drops were forcefully smashing and surrendering against my loyal windscreen that guarded me against their attack. And the frantic wiper came bolting into the scene, and cleared the battleground like a servile minion clears path for a bigshot politician.

I listened to the Moonlight Sonata for the 48th time and wondered why something written on such sombre, minor scales and conscipiously sad notes made me feel ecstatic. Add to it the incessant beat of the droplets against the glass and rhythmic screech of the wiper - this made some wonderful music.

Sad music, instead of making you worse, makes you magically feel better. The secret behind the serendipitous phenomena are a set of proteins released in the body called endorphins. These chemicals function as neurotransmitters that help regulate moods, sleep patterns and the way one responds to pain and stress. When present in the body, endorphins act as a natural painkiller and are able to provide a sense of comfort, wellness and happiness.

As you immerse youself into the sad undertones of heart-wrenching musical melodies, the body experiences stress. The conscious brain soon realizes that there's nothing as gravely wrong to feel despicable about and the body's natural response is to release endorhpins. This is the same way in which the body handles negative reactions like crying, fear and physical pain. Endorphins are also released while joking, enjoying, dancing and falling in love. However, the activity which produces the maximum amount of endorphins in the body is sexual intercourse. Yes! Without using any rocket science concepts here I can say that sex feels better than even sad music - I think we all agree.

This is probably the reason why you see people who're depressed listening to sad songs, crying and sometimes even cutting their wrists. A friend mentioned once that when emotional suffering became too much to handle, she used to slit her wrists such that physical pain would offset her emotion pain. Now I can say that the underlying reasoning was endorphin release. I want to remind her now, that sex feels better than even piercing skin with blades as well as sad music!

So the next time you're listening to the Moonlight sonata or any other dispiriting music, just hang on and you'll soon feel the bliss.


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